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Lands Unknown (CD)
by Peter Jon Gillquist

Lands Unknown (CD) by Peter Jon Gillquist
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After 4 years and many miles, Peter Jon has teamed up with producer and musician David Teems to create this fresh sounding disc — his 6th release in 10 years! Features multi-layered guitar work, cutting-edge rhythm arrangements, and lyrics that will challenge and encourage listeners' hearts.

Tennessee-born and California-raised, Peter Jon Gillquist began publicly performing original music at the age of six. Equipped with an upbringing rich in both music and evangelistic tradition, he left home after high school on what was intended to be a short-term visit to Alaska. This visit evolved into a six-year stretch during which Peter discovered a phenomenon previously foreign to his teen-aged American soul: silence. Living in a wooded community next to the local Orthodox Christian cathedral, he found himself in an environment ripe with creative material, and offset the demands and constraints of a full-time job with the refining and liberating outlet of music. He began to write and record original works which reflected his evolving views on various themes rooted in the world around him and the complexities of the Christian walk within it.

Peter has also produced The Cross Culture Projects — Volumes I & II, CD compilations of American Orthodox Christian folk musicians. Music is his love and his ministry.

Track Listing

Title Length Sample
1. Always Standing By (Pop) 3:14
2. Gideon's Fleece 3:16
3. 15th Antiphon 1:01
4. O Jerusalem 3:48
5. Chasing the Wind 3:22
6. Autumn Leave's Descent 3:18
7. Lebanon 2:50
8. Come Home 3:01
9. The Rock 3:10
10. Christian's Lullaby 3:06
11. Always Standing By 4:06
12. O Jerusalem (Power Mix) 3:10
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