101 Orthodox Saints - Childrens Book - Lives of Saints

101 Orthodox Saints - Childrens Book - Lives of Saints

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by Sarah Wright and Alexandra Schmalzbach, illustrated by Nicholas Malara

Hardcover: 120 pages. Age Range: For children of all ages, and independent readers age 7 - 14

Did you know there was a saint who used a dogsled for transportation? Or a saint who turned down a marriage proposal from the Roman Emperor? How about the saint who jumped from building to building during a siege to bring the Eucharist to his parishioners?

Discover all of these stories and more in 101 Orthodox Saints. Written for children and those with a childlike curiosity, this visual encyclopedia will enhance your family’s understanding and celebration of the saints of the Church. Each page is filled with illustrations, icons, graphics, and fascinating facts about the martyrs, monks, and mothers who boldly lived out their Faith to the glory of God.

About the Authors:

Presbytera Sarah Wright is an Orthodox Christian, wife, mother of three, and teacher. As a teacher, the highlight of her job is helping kids get hooked on reading. She hopes to write books that will encourage that love of reading and, more importantly, a love for Christ and His Church. She and her family live in Waco, Texas, where her husband is the priest of a lovely and loving parish. Sarah also writes the popular blog Orthodox Motherhood, and she can usually be found at her Texas home watching an old movie, hiking, or eating Mexican food with her family.

Alexandra Schmalzbach is a lifelong Virginian and Orthodox Christian. Alexandra was born in Arlington to second-generation Greek Americans. Alexandra majored in American history and religious studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, graduated in 2007, and three weeks later married her husband, Brian. They now reside in Richmond with their five children: Stella Virginia, Peter, Josiah, Sebastian, and Raphael. 

About the Illustrator:

Nicholas Malara grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. Over the course of his twenty-year-long career, he has illustrated books, designed games, and created products of all kinds for children. Using his talents to serve the Kingdom of heaven is his greatest passion. He currently resides in Spokane, Washington, with his wife and two children.