SeaBear - Pacific Alaska Smoked Salmon -1lb box - 6 boxes to a case - 2 cases -Feasting and Fasting - Christmas Gifts

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Important Update as of 2/2/2023 The manufacturer has changed their wholesale terms. They will no longer ship directly to our customers, only to us, and the minimum order is now 2 cases. So, this product is only available for pick up at our store in Maplewood MO or delivered by us for pick up at Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Church in Saint Louis MO.

Archangels Note: Well, my brothers and sisters in Christ you have found our hidden gem. This is great tasting smoked salmon at an incredible price. We are deeply discounting it to help everyone during these difficult times. Amazon sells this Salmon for $29.19 with free prime shipping. Our price is $17.50 and free pick up. Yes, you read that right. Enjoy!!!

Please order this as a separate item not combined with any other items so it does not skew the shipping. That way we can keep the low price for everyone. Thanks!

6 pounds of Smoked Salmon in 1-pound boxes equals one case. You are ordering 2 cases which equals 12 one-pound boxes.

GMO Free, Kosher Certified

  • A MILD FLAVOR firm texture and light gray and pink color. It is a light gray and pink color because it is cook in the pouch. This is not Lox style salmon. See article below for the difference.
  • FILLETED BY HAND & TRADITIONALLY SMOKED, the salmon is vacuum sealed in our famous gold foil pouch, then gently cooked in the sealed pouch, preserving the salmon naturally. Pouch is full of juice so be careful opening it.
  • FULLY COOKED & READY TO EAT anytime, anywhere. The extremely portable gold foil pouch makes the smoked salmon a wonderful gift to use on hikes, camping, or a treat at home.
  • NO REFRIDGERATION NEED until opened. Our smoked wild Alaskan salmon have a shelf life of approximately four years - best if used within 2-3 days of opening the pouch. Great product for preppers.
  • CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Kosher, and Project NON-GMO Verified.
  • Great for Church trapeza and fundraisers.

What Is Lox—and How Is It Different from Smoked Salmon?

The difference between lox and smoked salmon is how they are prepared. Lox is brined, but never cooked or smoked. Smoked salmon, through the smoking process, looks and tastes more similar to baked or grilled salmon.