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The Orthodox Church
New Edition
by Timothy [Bishop Kallistos] Ware

The Orthodox Church New Edition  by Timothy [Bishop Kallistos] Ware
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Since its first publication more than thirty years ago, Timothy Ware's book has become established throughout the English-speaking world as the standard introduction to the Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy continues to be a subject of enormous interest among western Christians, and the author believes that an understanding of its standpoint is necessary before the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches can be reunited.

In this newly revised and updated edition he explains the Orthodox views on such widely ranging matters as Ecumenical Councils, Sacraments, Free Will, Purgatory, The Papacy and the relation between the various Orthodox Churches. In Part One, he describes the history of the Eastern Church over the last two thousand years with particular reference to its problems in twentieth-century Russia: and in Part Two he explains the beliefs and worship of the Orthodox Church today. Finally, he considers the possibilities of reunion between East and West. In this latest edition, he takes full account of the totally new situation confronting Eastern Christians since the collapse of Communism.

Softbound. 368 pp.

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