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Somalian Frankincense Orthodox Church Incense

Somalian Frankincense Orthodox Church Incense
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A rich golden brown tree resin imported from Somalia that has a very powerful and vivid earthy aroma. For centuries, this ancient natural resin was used as incense for the Divine Services throughout the Byzantine Empire and all of Christendom.

The incense we offer is manufactured in strict accordance with the ancient Athonite tradition by Orthodox monastics. It starts with the dried sap of the frankincense tree. The golden yellow lumps of frankincense are ground into a powder and mixed with fragrant oils. This mixture is then rolled by hand and cut into small pieces. To prevent the incense pieces from sticking together, it is dusted with powdered, all-natural, purified clay. Before the incense is ready for use in worship, it must cure for a period of time in a climate controlled environment.

Because this work is part of a monastic obedience and because of the spiritual significance of incense in Orthodox worship, the monastics pray the Jesus prayer continually during this work.

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