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Vol. 7:
The Lives of the Holy Women Martyrs

Vol. 7: The Lives of the Holy Women Martyrs
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This hardbound text contains the lives of over one hundred women, maidens, and children throughout the year, according to the Church Calendar. It is well-illustrated with over 115 icons, sketches, and 2 maps. Translated from the Greek of The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church. The 592 page book has a gold-stamped burgundy hardcover, with acid-free pages.


  • Saint Tatiane of Rome
  • Saint Theodule of Cilicia
  • Saint Evphrasia of Nicomedia
  • SS. Innas, Pinnas, and Rimmas
  • Saint Agnes of Rome
  • Saint Vevaia of Edessa
  • Saint Chryse of Rome
  • Saint Tryphaina of Kyzikos
  • Saint Agatha of Sicily
  • Saint Priscilla the Apostle
  • Saint Asklepiodote of Adrianopolis
  • Saint Photine of Samaria
  • Saint Kyranna of Thessalonica
  • Saint Antonina of Nicaea
  • Saint Euthalia of Sicily
  • Saint Juliane of Ptolemais
  • Saint Daria of Athens
  • Seven Women Martyrs of Amisos
  • SS. Drosis and the 5 Nuns of Rome
  • Twenty-Six Martyrs
  • Saint Matrona of Thessalonica
  • Saint Lydia at Illyricum
  • Saint Theodosia of Tyre
  • Saint Ferfouthe of Persia
  • Saint Theodora of Alexandria
  • Saint Thomais of Alexandria
  • SS. Anastasia and Vasilissa of Rome
  • SS. Agape, Irene and Chionia of Thessalonica
  • SS. Charissa, Nike, Galene, Kallida, Nounechia, Vasilissa and Theodora of Peloponnesos
  • Saint Irene of Greece
  • Saint Alexandra of Rome
  • Saint Argyre of Prusa
  • Saint Mary of Crete
  • Saint Zoe of Pamphylia
  • Saint Mavra of the Thebaid
  • Saint Xenia of Kalamas
  • Saint Pelagia of Tarsus
  • Saint Irene of Magedon
  • Saint Glyceria of Trajanoupolis
  • Saint Christina of Athens
  • SS. Tekousa, Alexandria, Claudia, Phaine, Evphrasia, Matrona, Julia and Theodote of Ancyra
  • SS. Markiane, Palladia, and Sossana
  • Saint Theodosia of Tyre
  • Saint Irene of Egypt
  • Saint Potamiaine of Alexandria
  • Saint Kalliope
  • Saint Antonina of Krodamos
  • Saint Antonina of Nicaea
  • Saint Aquilina of Byblos
  • Saint Agrippina of Rome
  • SS. Cyprilla, Aroa and Lucia of Cyrene
  • Saint Lucia of Campania
  • Saint Kyriake of Anatolia
  • Saint Evphemia at the Fourth Ecumenical Synod
  • Saint Julitta of Iconium
  • Saint Marina of Antioch of Pisidia
  • Saint Markella of Chios
  • Saint Christina of Tyre
  • Saint Oraiozele of Revma
  • Saint Jerusalem of Byzantium
  • Saint Julitta of Caesarea
  • Saint Solomone of Jerusalem
  • Saint Elesa of Kythera
  • Saint Evdokia of Anatolia
  • Saint Juliane of Ptolemais
  • Saint Vassa of Edessa
  • Saint Natalia of Nicomedia
  • Saint Vevaia of Edessa
  • SS. Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora of Bithynia
  • Saint Ia of Persia
  • Saint Evphemia of Chalcedon
  • Saint Melitine of Thrace
  • SS. Sophia, Pistis, Elpis and Agape at Rome
  • Saint Agathokleia
  • Saint Asklepiodote
  • Saint Theodote of Pontos
  • Saint Ariadne
  • Saint Rais of Egypt
  • Saint Aquilina of Thessalonica
  • Saint Goudelia of Persia
  • SS. Domnine, Verine, and Prosdoke of Edessa 410
  • Saint Charitine
  • Saint Mamelchtha of Persia
  • Saint Evlampia of Nicomedia
  • SS. Zenais and Philonilla of Tarsus
  • Saint Domnina of Anazarbus 4
  • Saint Anastasia of Rome
  • Saint Agathonike of Pergamos
  • Saint Chryse of Slatena
  • Saint Theodote of Pontos
  • SS. Anna, Elisabeth, Theodote, and Glyceria
  • Saint Sevastiane of Markianopolis
  • Sain
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