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Fight the Good Fight (CD)
by Gigi (Baba) Shadid

Fight the Good Fight (CD) by Gigi (Baba) Shadid
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How many of us know the stories in the Bible? For those who do not, you will learn much from this CD. For those who do, do we UNDERSTAND what the stories in the Scripture mean to us individually? Christ is the center of each song on this CD and here, we encounter Him interacting with various people. This CD is filled with essential questions for our salvation. What does Christ's interaction with the woman at the well (Photini is her name) mean to me and my salvation? How am I like Peter who on the water, sank when he took his eyes off of Christ? Am I the woman caught in adultery or am I one of those who was ready to stone her? What message can we gleam from those interactions and how can we apply them to our own daily struggle for salvation?

It is my hope that the music on this CD will help draw others closer to Christ.

Everyone of us can relate to the struggle between what we know is right and what we actually do. An unseen battle is going on inside and we have to use tools to fight that good fight. This Christ-centered music is one such tool to help in that battle.

My mission in producing Orthodox children music is to teach children and to help them grow in their faith in Christ and their love for His Holy Church”

— Gigi Shadid.

Track Listing

Title Length Sample
1. New Adam 3:39
2. Parable of the Sower 3:59
3. Poverty 3:33
4. Fight the good Fight 4:27
5. Photini 4:08
6. Love Is A Verb 2:49
7. Peter on the Water 4:27
8. Forgive 3:05
9. The Least of These 2:53
10. Light of the World 3:37
11. The Body of Christ 2:12
12. Noel's Lullaby 3:07


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