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Orthodox Crosses

Orthodox Crosses also known as Byzantine crosses are worn by Eastern Orthodox Christians, both Greek and Russian. In addition to the slanted footrest, they feature the "IC" and "XC", which are shorthand in Greek for Jesus Christ. The "IC" is the first and last letter of ISOUS; the squiggly line indicating that this is an abbreviation. The "XC" is the first and last letter of CHRISTOS.


Neck Chains

14k Gold and Sterling Silver Chains.


Faberge Styled Egg Pendants

Orthodox Pendants & Medallions

Orthodox Medals or Medallions and Pendants available in Gold and Sterling silver.

Orthodox Christian Rings

Christian Orthodox Rings available in Solid 14kt Gold and Sterling silver.


Tie Tacs

14kt Gold and Sterling Silver Tie Tacs.

Key Rings

Metal key rings with Orthodox Christian themes.



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