Voyage to the Rock - Teenagers - Halo Award Winner - Book

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 by Fr Matthew Penney

  “To be like St. Herman of Alaska!” These words – only a family joke once, were now turning Martin’s world upside down. Catapulted from his ideal teenage existence in Boston to Newfoundland, Canada - a place affectionately called “The Rock” by its inhabitants, he doesn’t want anything to do with his father’s missionary dreams. Accompanied by his parents and his all-too-perky younger sister, a dismal summer of hard work and early mornings is all that awaits Martin. Or so he thinks… 

      But all that changes the day he finds a bronze cross at the site of the historic Viking settlement, L’Anse aux Meadows. A whole new world opens to Martin then, one of trans-Atlantic voyages, unanswered clues, suspicious antique-dealers, narrow escapes, mysterious deaths, and at the center of it all is an  ancient cross and a manuscript poem.

      A burning question begins his search: Is the cross Viking, or could it be from the fabled voyage of St. Brendan the Navigator?

      Now with the help of his sister, Brigid, and a local Newfoundland boy, Ashley, the three of them race to unlock the mystery of an ancient Christian treasure. But with the Old Wolf, Sullivan O’Connell hunting them, it isn’t just about treasure anymore… It’s about survival!

About Fr Matthew Penny

Fr. Matthew Penney's dreams of being a writer began with a question to his father at age 12: "Can I be a priest and a writer?" And thus his journey began. Half Newfoundlander himself, it was his personal experiences of 'The Rock' that inspired his first novel: "Voyage to the Rock". He is an Orthodox priest in the Canadian diocese of ROCOR, and along with his wife Matushka Catherine, resides in New Brunswick, Canada. In the fall of 2014, he will begin a PhD in Education.