The Orthodox Patristic Witness Concerning Catholicism - Multiple Book Discount

The Orthodox Patristic Witness Concerning Catholicism - Multiple Book Discount

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Paperback 1016 pages

What does the Orthodox Church teach and believe with regard to Catholicism? Who speaks for the Church? Which source is authoritative? The resounding answer, echoing in the heavens, is the united choir of the Holy Fathers as proclaimed in their lives and teachings. And yet, never, in the 1,000 years since the Great Schism, has this witness been collected into one volume and made accessible to you, the pious reader—until now.

A tapestry of patristic testimony and sources of Holy Tradition, this book has over sixty entries from the Synaxarion, a dozen detailed historic analyses, a thorough examination of the unchangeability of the Creed within all nine Ecumenical Councils, with another dozen local councils analyzed. In addition, the book presents patristic confessions of thirty-three Holy Fathers from a period of over 1,000 years from across the Orthodox world, many dogmatic hymns from the divine services, declarations from the Holy Mountain, numerous writings from confessing hierarchs, holy elders, and other distinguished priests, monastics, and laymen, all of which provide the reader with the certain and comprehensive witness of the Orthodox Church, making this book essential reading for all who would acquire the mind of Christ concerning Catholicism.