The Living God 2 Volume Set - A Catechism for the Family - Spiritual Instruction - Book Orthodox Christian Book

The Living God 2 Volume Set - A Catechism for the Family - Spiritual Instruction - Book

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Translator: Olga Dunlop
Size: 6x9
Pages: 472  Paperback

Includes full color icon plates.

This is a unique catechetical work for families, inquirers, and adults who are searching for a clear, vivid presentation of the Christian faith. Unlike traditional catechisms containing questions and answers in a rather formal, even scholastic style, this introduction to the basic teachings and life of the Church brings together Scripture, theology, iconography, hymnography, feasts and liturgy in a fully integrated manner. Originally written in French as a "catechism for the family," this English edition, with its warm, personal, holistic approach, will be welcomed by parents, catechists, teachers, pastors, and persons of any age who are looking for a simple way to explain or understand the sources of the Church's revelation. The book is characterized by its unique and creative method of organization: a "seeker" poses the questions, representing those of many believers; and the "sage" answers, articulating the Church's explanation to those questions.

The two volumes integrate the major feasts of the liturgical year with an overview of the history of salvation. Volume I contains the period from the Creation through the Resurrection of Christ. Volume II begins with the feast of Ascension continues through the book of Revelation and concludes with the Sacraments of Prayer in the life of the Church. Both volumes are illustrated with musical examples as well as color and monochrome reproductions of icons.