The Fifty Spiritual Homilies St Makarios the Great - Spiritual Instruction - Book

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The Guidebook for finding God

Size 5½ x 8½ in., 408 Pages Paperback

Quite simply one of the greatest works ever written, the Fifty Spiritual Homilies are light-bearing gifts from the Holy Spirit.

In the collection of the Fifty Spiritual Homilies, Saint Makarios describes the different effects of the grace of God within us. By continuing in the virtues and especially in prayer, Christ, seeing our good will, will grant our spirit to be thoroughly “mixed with the fire of the Holy Spirit” and, “becoming all light,” it will partake of the divine attributes. For Saint Makarios, the aim of the Christian life is none other than the acquisition, here below, of the experience of the Holy Spirit through undergoing that beautiful transformation which will give us a spiritual sensibility, whereby we shall be able to taste the presence of God at every moment of our lives.