The Adventures of a Little Ringtail - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

The Adventures of a Little Ringtail - Childrens Book

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Full color illustrations, 8.5" x 11", 72 pages  Hardback By Anna Larsen

Join the little Ringtail in his journeys through the hot Sonoran desert of Arizona to find an ascetic, the Praying Mantis, to ask his help in praying for rain to save the starving animals and insects. Follow the Ringtail and the Praying Mantis on their pilgrimage to an Orthodox monastery. You will meet two kind girls, Emily and Anna, who help Ringtail find a new home for the Praying Mantis. Learn with the little Ringtail about Christian virtues, doing good deeds, and how to overcome obstacles with courage and prayer, and turn enemies into new friends.

This volume contains the three books from the original Ringtail series.