Spyridon's Shoes - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

Spyridon's Shoes - Childrens Book

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by Christine Rogers

Young Spyros spends his days fishing, octopus hunting, and dreaming of attending school like his best friend, Niko. When he encounters an elderly man on the beach after an accident, his whole life begins to shift and change. But who is this mysterious, saintly man, and why is his friendship so important? Take a short trip back in time to the Greek island of Corfu and discover the real reason for the mystery surrounding Spyridon's shoes.

About the Author: Kh. Christine Rogers is married to Fr. John Rogers and is the mother of four. She is also the author of The Road to Golgotha. A life-long Alaskan, she enjoys indoorsy activities like reading, sewing and not camping, and can often be found in the church kitchen cooking for anywhere from 50-300 people.    

Age Range: 7 - 12 years

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 5.25 X 7.5 inches

Page Length: 104 pages