Silent as a Stone - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

Silent as a Stone - Childrens Book

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Author: Jim Forest
Hardcover - Size: 8.5x11  Pages:32 Color illustrations

Silent as a Stone memorializes the life of Mother Maria Skobtsova, an unconventional nun who aided Jewish people in occupied France during WWII. Confronting the horror of Nazi brutality, Mother Maria devised an ingenious plan to save Jewish children destined for extermination camps: upon her urging, Paris garbage collectors hid children in trash cans and whisked them to safe havens outside the city.

For her courageous rescue activities, Mother Maria perished in a gas chamber in Ravensbrock concentration camp in Germany in 1945. Today, she is among the "righteous gentiles" honored in Israel and a canonized saint in the Orthodox Church.