Russian Santa - Hand Carved Hand Painted Russian Father Frost on Rocking Chair Reading - Christmas Gift

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Size: 8.5 inches tall. Hand carved and hand painted. Imported from Russia, shipped from USA

This charming Father Frost was “hand carved and painted” of Linden wood in the Sergei Posad area of RUSSIA. Since each figure is individually made, it is the “unique” artistic expression of both the carver and the painter. Therefore, there may be slight variations.

Most of the figures are made by individual artists in their homes – these are truly “cottage industry” creations. We know our sources and that is important because many Russian folk items offered both in Russia and on the Net are from the Orient and South Asia.

The Father Christmas patterned after St Nicholas as a Christian holiday tradition began in Russia during the time of Peter the Great. With the advent of Communism the celebration of Christmas and the visit of this saintly figure was prohibited. Within a few years after the Russian Revolution the Communist government realized it needed a figure to replace the Santa figure and Christmas festivities.

Whatever they introduced could not be a Christian. Therefore, they went to their vivid Slavic folklore and adopted and adapted “Grand Father Frost” from the “Snow Maiden” folk tale. Father Frost was made of snow, ice and wind saves and cares for a young maiden left to die in the forest by her Father and wicked step-mother. He inherited all the good qualities of St Nicholas and Santa. The girl he protected became known as his “grand-daughter” the Snow Maiden. Since he could not come on Christmas Eve, he came on New Year’s eve dressed in blue rather than red and did everything Santa would do!