Red Ruby 40mm Charcoal Disks for Incense - Pack of 100 Coal Briquettes - 10 Rolls of 10 Tablets - Quick lighting - Slow Burning

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Brand: Sunlight Charcoal
Material: Resin
Flavor: Natural Wood
Item Form: Tablet 40 mm

About this item

  • EASY TO USE: It doesn't get easier than this! Simply follow the instructions found on the box or in the complementary instruction card (Pictured above) and ENJOY your Charcoal Disks!
  • SLOW BURNING: Red Ruby boasts a 45 minute slow burning time.
  • QUICK-LIGHTING: All you need to do is hold it over an open flame for a couple of seconds then sit back and enjoy!
  • Each order comes with 100 charcoal disks. That means you receive 75 HOURS of burn time per order!