Prayer Books - Prayers for the Departed - 3 Different Akathist Prayer Booklets

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1. Akathist to Jesus Christ for a Loved One Who has Fallen Asleep

Anyone grieving over the loss of a loved one will truly find comfort here--for oneself and for the dearly beloved one who has departed. A thoughtful gift to give at funerals. 32 pages.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (handmaiden) "Name" the sweetness of Paradise.

2. Akathist to Martyr Varus, Holy Intercessor for Family Members Who Reposed Outside the Orthodox Faith

One often hears converts to Orthodoxy express their sorrow that there are no Orthodox prayers one may offer on behalf of their beloved relatives who have departed this life outside the Church.  Over the past several years a wondrous fervor of veneration for the holy Martyr Varus has blossomed forth, especially in Russia, as a heavenly intercessor for those who died outside the Faith.  The memorable Patriarch Alexis II noted: "Chapels are being built in honor of the martyr Varus, and icons are being painted.  From his life it follows that he possessed a special desire to pray to God for those who died unbaptized."

This new release is tenth in our well-known Akathist Series, printed in an attractive, pocket-sized format, with extra-sturdy covers intended for frequent use.  Includes several full-color depictions of the Saint.  36 pages.

3. Akathist to Jesus "Conqueror of Death" New Edition

     This deeply theological text was composed by St. Nikolai Velimirovich as a poetic expression of love for the Resurrected Lord. He scribed the manuscript with his own hand, on Pascha 1923, and dedicated it to his spiritual son, Father (now Saint) Justin Popovic. Astonishingly powerful and unique, this akathist is an added treasure in that it is written by a saint of our own times.We are pleased to offer this Akathist again, after being out of print, as a completely new addition.

A larger format (5 1/2 x 8 1/2") and printed on sturdy paper with a matte cover. Both cover and inner pages are full color, including two images of the saint. This edition includes the added advantage of being stitched and glued, and bound with a spine. 48 pages.