Prayer Books - Prayers for Help in Having Children - 3 Akathist Booklets

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First Booklet is for asking God to have children and the other 2 booklets are for nurturing the children He will give you. 

1. Akathist to the Righteous Joachim and Anna: For Blessed Married Life

"O my beloved sojourners struggling to remain upon the 'narrow path' to Paradise, how desperately we need to set before us these Intercessors as examples to imitate, for it is difficult to find lives imbued with integrity in today's world," writes Father Demetrios Carellas in the Preface.

This publication is offered in our Series so as to invoke the wonderful intercession of these righteous Ancestors of God; as an aid for those desiring to overcome childlessness; and for the strengthening of the marriage bond.

Eleventh in our Akathist Series; it too is printed in an attractive, pocket-sized format, with extra-sturdy covers intended for frequent use.  Includes a full-color cover; inner pages are adorned with many illustrations.  36 pages.

2. Akathist to the Mother of God, The Milkgiver

This Akathist—pure and beautiful in its simplicity—was composed in honor of the unique Wonderworking Icon, “The Milkgiver,” treasured in the Serbian Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mountain. The Theotokos is depicted breastfeeding Christ, a poignant model for mothers nourishing their children. This maternal image is woven throughout the text, as the Mother of God is our “sheltering wing,” “protection for our little children,” “support of families of the faithful,” and “nurturer of the young and weak.” She is the nurturer of all, for her milk “noetically poureth forth immaterial gifts, nurturing the hearts and souls of the faithful.” This English version is translated from Serbian and printed with the blessing of Hilandar Monastery. A fitting gift, especially during the season of Christ’s Nativity.

Inner pages include several full-page icons, and the entire pocket-sized book is fully adorned with a festive design. 32 pages.

Rejoice, O Virgin Mother of God, thou giver of milk! Gladden us with the grace of thy Son!

3. Akathist to the Mother of God "Nurturer of Children"

First in the Series, this powerful akathist to the Mother of God, Nurturer of Children, is already in its fifth printing. Hundreds of mothers faithfully take this little book in hand to pray daily for their children by name. This akathist may also be used to pray for grandchildren and godchildren. 24 pages.

"Raise my children (names), O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven

and make them heirs of eternal blessings."