Parenting Toward the Kingdom: A Companion Guide - Christian Life - Book

Parenting Toward the Kingdom: A Companion Guide - Christian Life - Book

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Spiral-bound paperback: 160 pages.

by Kendra Hunter, Kristina Tartara, and Stephanie Petrides with Philip Mamalakis, PhD

Parenting Toward the Kingdom won’t get our kids to behave, take away our parenting struggles, or make us into perfect parents. What the book can do is help us understand the path of parenting. But we still need to walk the path or, more accurately, struggle and grow on the path of raising our children.

 Parenting Toward the Kingdom has helped countless Orthodox and non-Orthodox parents struggle and grow with their children as they raise them in the Faith. Now, this companion guide enables parents to use the book even more effectively, by encouraging them to come together for discussion and support. The ten sessions presented here tie in closely to the book and include new material, in-depth discussion questions, parenting examples, and time for prayer and reflection. You’ll find the companion guide full of practical tips—based on current parenting research as well as Orthodox principles—that you can take into your home and practice on a daily basis with your children. This guide was created as a resource for parish-based parenting groups, though it can also be used individually. For a more in-depth experience, it is best used alongside Parenting Toward the Kingdom.