Nine Deer and Me (board book) - Childrens Book

Nine Deer and Me (board book) - Childrens Book

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by Melinda Johnson, illustrated by Amandine Wanert

Age Range: 1-5 years

Board book: 24 pages

Abigail is happy on the island of Inisheer, but God has other plans for her! An angel asks Abigail to search for nine white deer in the woods across the sea. When she finds them, Abigail will also find the place where God wants her to be. Journey with Abigail as she listens to ONE angel, sails with TWO fishermen, finds THREE deer, then SIX, then more! Count with Abigail all the way to her true home.

About the Author: Melinda Johnson is an Orthodox Christian, wife, mother, and writer. She is the bemused and enchanted guardian of a corgi named Ferdinand, who supervised the writing of this book. Ferdinand also bosses Melinda’s office, the deer in her backyard, her family’s daily schedule, and her attempts to read quietly on the sofa. If you enjoy this book, you may give all the credit to Ferdinand.

About The Illustrator: Amandine Wanert is a French illustrator who currently lives in the south of France. She illustrates both for the medical field and for children’s book publishers, often drawing inspiration from her three children. She previously illustrated In the Candle’s Glow and I Pray Today for Ancient Faith Publishing. Creating the character, Abigail, and drawing natural scenes and wildlife was a joyful journey for her.

About Saint Abigail

Saint Abigail lived in Ireland in the early sixth century. With the help of Saint Abban, her spiritual father, she built a monastery at Ballyvourney, the place where nine white deer were grazing. Abigail loved the bees in her monastery garden, and the bees loved Abigail. Once Abigail saw soldiers marching toward her village, destroying farms along the way. She sent out her bees, and they drove the army away! Abigail and the nuns used honey and herbs to heal sick people. She is still remembered in Ireland, and her feast day is celebrated on February 11. Pray for us, Holy Abigail, that we may come to the place God made for us and bring sweet prayers and healing to everyone we meet.