My Prayer Book, includes CD - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

My Prayer Book, includes CD - Childrens Book

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72 full-color pages, Hardcover - Size 8.2x11.4 inches  English Text

A note from the Publisher

"This book will help you unite your family in prayer!" 

Such was our motto during the five years of the making of this book. And ever since its first edition in 2008, this has been the main slogan for its promotion. 

How did we know that this book would help anybody unite their family in prayer?

We used this book for four years before daring to publish it. 

"Daring publish it?" Yes, daring, as it had an until then unusual format, "too many," and dogmatically correct, illustrations. Α combination of an introduction to prayer, only as many prayers as we know a family with children can, and will, use, just the most important to us festal hymns, and explanations of the prayers that make sense.

We kept the motto as the slogan because we regularly hear from other families that confirm its veracity.