Metropolitan Philaret of New York: Zealous Confessor for the Faith - Lives of Saints and Righteous Ones

Metropolitan Philaret of New York: Zealous Confessor for the Faith - 2 Books Multiple Book Discount - Lives of Saints and Righteous Ones

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(softcover): 272 pages

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. (Psalm 115:6)

He was a rare, contemporary manifestation of the ascetic bishops of old, in whom a bold confession of the truth emerged in an organic way from the whole life in Christ. He was blameless in the Way, pure in the Life, and incorrupt in repose. He was the Blessed Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York (1903-1985), an exponent of the Truth of the Gospel like few in his generation.

In this comprehensive collection the full spectrum of the holy hierarch’s saintliness, humility, prayer, ascetic life and confession of Orthodox Faith shines forth before the reader.

Herein, you, the pious reader, gain access to a timeless source of arch-pastoral guidance on matters pertaining to the One Faith, to the Orthodox Way, and to the life and history of the Russian Church Abroad. Moreover, you will inevitably be inspired to celebration, and thus also imitation, by the valiant witness of this contemporary “pillar of Orthodoxy,” who “rightly divided the word of Truth.”

A thorough biography, over three dozen homilies, articles, epistles and encyclicals by Blessed Metropolitan Philaret, the new confessor, a preface by His Grace Bishop Luke of Syracuse, over twenty-five photographs and two appendices make this book essential reading for all pious Orthodox Christians desiring to know and follow the Holy Fathers.