Matching Set - 15 Feast Day Set

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They are made to match as closely as possible the size, color, and bevel

This is a Complete Set of all of the Major Feasts of Christ and the Virgin Mary.
Included are the following icons, in chronological order:

240 Birth of the Theotokos
445 Entrance of the Virgin into the Temple
279 Annunciation
233 Nativity
234 Meeting of the Lord in the Temple
446 Theophany (Baptism of Christ)
447 Transfiguration
448 Raising of Lazarus
449 Entry into Jerusalem
453 Crucifixion
450 Resurrection
451 Ascension
236 Pentecost
452 Dormition of the Theotokos
393 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Print mounted on wood, size approximately 8x10 inches for each icon. A mounted icon is a photograph of an icon which is laminated, glued onto birch fiber core wood, trimmed with three edges on each side, and with the board painted and varnished to match the color on the edge of the icon.