Letters to St Olympias St John Chrysostom - Lives of Saints - Spiritual Meadow - Book

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Consolation of a Soul in Exile

Size 5½ x 8½ in., 84 pages Perfect Bound Paperback

Saint John Chrysostom’s incomparable uplifting words offer spiritual restoration, alleviating the deepest anguishes in life.

After Saint John’s exile to Armenia, Saint Olympias undertook the defense of his cause and was sent into exile to Nicomedia, where Chrysostom sent her wonderful letters of consolation, exhorting her to endure the trials and injustice with faith and patience. Chrysostom’s letters to Olympias, revitalizing consolations of a soul in exile, are incomparable encouragements demonstrating to every person suffering adversity how fortitude in even the most extreme difficulties is born from love for God.