Journey to Simplicity: The Life and Wisdom of Archimandrite Roman Braga - Lives of Saints and Righteous Ones - Book

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Paperback 561 pages

The events of Fr Roman Braga’s life unfolded on three continents in complex and tumultuous times. In Romania, he lived through turbulent historical events, and he suffered for Christ under communist persecution. Later he continued his life and ministry in Brazil, and ended his days in the United States. He was a confessor of the faith and spiritual father of great wisdom and compassion, who shared Christ's love with all who came his way. This text presents the life of Fr Roman Braga, while also exploring the broader historical context in which he lived. Most fundamentally, it reveals the transfigured life of a man who is close to us in time, but who passed far beyond us in his spiritual life, who was not broken but rather transformed by God’s grace, even in the midst of the horrors of torture and imprisonment. He continues to shine as a beacon of God’s love, and a witness to His power to overcome even the greatest of evils.