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God's Path to Sanity - Spiritual Instruction

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This book brings the reader together with holy physicians of the soul in ancient Christian Traditions, offering superbly clear examples of the patristic method of diagnosing and healing many disorders of the soul that are now being widely treated with brain-crippling drugs. The resounding lesson here, from physicians of the soul through the ages, is that we cannot cure afflictions of the immortal soul by drugging the short-lived mortal brain. Drugs can soothe, as anesthetics can temporarily block pain, notes the author. But the saintly witness presented here is that only God can heal the afflictions of the soul that are causing such widespread psychological distress throughout the world today. The author, a Stanford graduate and a veteran editor and author, worked at Harvard with Fr. Georges Florovsky. Early reviewers have dubbed this book a "must read" for spiritual health and sanity. Discussion questions have been added at the end of each chapter. 3rd printing.
  • Author: Dee Pennock
  • Cover Style: Paperback
  • Pages: 239
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9"