Glory and Honor Orthodox Christian Resources on Marriage - Christian Life - Book Orthodox Christian Book

Glory and Honor Orthodox Christian Resources on Marriage - Christian Life - Book

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Editor: David C. Ford
Editor: Mary S. Ford
Editor: Alfred K. Siewers
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 456  Paperback

The Orthodox Church embodies a living Tradition that integrates a long, unbroken practice of marriage with its theology, cosmology, liturgy, mystical asceticism, and anthropology. As such, the Church has a great deal to offer all those who desire to come to a deeper understanding of marriage and family life.

This collection draws upon the riches of this Tradition to present an inspiring vision of Christian marriage, and to offer insights and guidance about marriage and family life that are adapted to modern questions and challenges, yet grounded firmly in the global teaching and practice of the Church.

The experienced clergy, scholars, and professionals contributing to this volume come from a wide variety of Orthodox Christian communities present in North America, including the Orthodox Church in America, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, and the Antiochian, Greek, and Serbian Orthodox Archdioceses of America.


About the Editors:

Dr David C. Ford is Professor of Church History at St Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary, South Canaan, PA. and is the author of Women and Men in the Early Church: The Full Views of St. John Chrysostom.

Dr Mary S. Ford is Associate Professor of New Testament at St Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary. She and David C. Ford co-authored Marriage as a Path to Holiness: Lives of Married Saints.

Dr Alfred K. Siewers is Warden of Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Mission Church and Associate Professor of English at Bucknell University.