Encountering Women of Faith, Vol. I - Lives of Saints - Book

Encountering Women of Faith, Vol. I - Lives of Saints - Book

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As told by modern-day Orthodox women, this collection of moving stories recounts the lives of many beloved women saints and the witness that they continue to bear to us today. Included in this first volume are the stories of St. Susanna, St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Catherine, and more. 


Introduction to the Revised Edition

p. iv

Introduction: The Veneration of the Saints as a Christian Practice

p. v

Ss. Susanna: Stories of Deception and Revelation

p. 1

The New Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna

p. 19

St. Melania the Younger - Philanthropist

p. 33

Deaconess Olympias: A Sister in the Faith

p. 45

Kenosis: Divine Domination or Voluntary Transformation? A Lesson from St. Xenia, the Homeless Wanderer of St. Petersburg and Fool-for-Christ

p. 63

Love Overcoming Adversity: The Life of St. Melania the Younger

p. 83

An Invitation to Join Christ and Mary Magdalene at the Tomb: A Personal Confession

p. 95

Education as Doxology: Learning from St. Catherine's Vision

p. 107

Women Disciples Who Boast to the Apostles: Brief Paschal Reflections on the Good News

p. 123


p. 131


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