Brave, Faithful, and True: Children of the Bible - Lives of Saints - Book

Brave, Faithful, and True: Children of the Bible - Lives of Saints - Book

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by Katherine Bolger Hyde, illustrated by Gabriel Chaplin

We hear a lot from the Bible about the outstanding men and women who helped God accomplish His purposes in both Old and New Testament times. But what about the children? The Bible doesn’t mention many children by name, but if we look closely at the stories that are there, we see courage, kindness, generosity, and deep faith even in the youngest of God’s servants. Brave, Faithful, and True retells the stories of twelve children—six from the Old Testament and six from the New—from the children’s own point of view, bringing their encounters with God to vivid life and leading the children of today to think about what these stories might mean in their own lives.

Also included are an explanation of how each story relates to the Orthodox Christian liturgical cycle and a brief description of how the story features in salvation history.

About the Author: Katherine Bolger Hyde has devoted her life to books as a reader, editor, and writer. Her works include the picture books Lucia, Saint of Light (AFP, 2009), Everything Tells Us about God (AFP, 2018), and A Taste of Paradise (AFP, 2022); the young adult fantasy The Dome-Singer of Falenda; and the adult mystery series Crime with the Classics. Katherine enjoys knitting, singing in the church choir, and spending time with her four grown children and four grandchildren.