Blackbird's Nest: St Kevin of Ireland [hardcover] - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

Blackbird's Nest: St Kevin of Ireland [hardcover] - Childrens Book

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Author: Jenny Schroedel
Illustrator: Doug Montross
Hardcover - Size: 8.5x11 inches - Pages:32 - Color Illustrations

Kevin was always different. He loved animals and seemed to understand their secret language. But other children brought out the worst in him. He chased, bullied, and shoved, until one spring when he learned an unforgettable lesson from an unlikely teacher--a blackbird who built a nest in his hand. The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of Ireland is the unforgettable story of Kevin's transformation into one of Ireland's best-loved saints (AD †618), revered in many Christian traditions. Written with simplicity and humor by Jenny Schroedel, and brought to life with stunning illustrations by Douglass Montross, The Blackbird's Nest is a rich, vibrant tale of renewal and a welcome addition to children's literature.