The Holy Sacraments of the Orthodox Church Puzzle Blocks - Toys and Games - Christmas Gift - Pascha Easter Gift

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If you are looking for a great Sunday School supplemental resource or just for an educational tool to teach your child the Sacraments of the Church while having fun, we bring to your attention this colorful block puzzle. It is created with 6 colorful iconographic illustrations that represent seven Holy Sacraments of the Orthodox Church.

When the puzzle is dismantled, the children need to create the exact illustration (one of the sacraments depicted on the cover of the puzzle) by putting together and aligning 9 individual blocks. If two children are competing at the same time, the winner is the one who creates the puzzle in the shortest amount of time.

This is not just one puzzle, but six individual puzzles and opportunities to create different sacrament pictures, which means six times the fun for you and your little one! It is a great educational opportunity for any child. The block puzzles create an opportunity for children to step forward from the simple peg puzzles to more advanced and challenging puzzles.

The blocks can be arranged into an illustration representing: Baptism and Chrismation, Holy Communion, Confession, Ordination, Marriage, and the Holy Unction. The first stage is to recognize which blocks belong together, and then there’s the challenge of building the illustration of a particular holy sacrament.

This block puzzle is built to last, so whether you’re buying it as a gift for Christmas, Easter, or a birthday, it is a perfect gift choice.

• Nine blocks make up the picture of the holy sacrament of the Orthodox Church, creating six different pictures
• Inspire learning and creativity and brings a lot of fun
• Supports pattern recognition and problem-solving in children aged 5+
• Sharpens eye coordination and develops critical thinking
• Builds confidence in learning
• Built using sustainable plastic blocks