Floral Gift Collection - 5 Different Handcrafted Olive Oil Castile Soap Bars - Christmas Gift

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5 Perfect 3.5 oz  hand size bars. Gentle on the skin: made with olive oil and pure essential oils.

Wild RoseAt once bright and delicate, this fragrance captures the soft, sweet aroma of bedewed roses.

White LilacThe soft, sweet scent of lilacs in bloom.

Peach BlossomThis complex and delicate aroma delights with a gentle breath of summer peaches blended with hints of raspberry, pear and thyme.

AmbrosiaA masterful blend of floral and woody top notes wrapped in a tapestry of Egyptian musk and powdery accords, this unique and exquisite fragrance has a quiet elegance all its own.

Evergreen - The heart of this fragrance is the fresh, clean scent of Siberian pine needles, softened with hints of sweet berries and apple.