Spice Bazaar® “Greek Islands” Boxed Set with Cookbook - St Euphrosynos's Kitchen

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This boxed set includes Spice Bazaar Cookbook: An adventure in fine cuisine from the Middle East, Greece and around the world and one container each of Hellenic Herb Blend, Athenian Garden Spice, Randa’s Spice, and Greek Salad Dressing Blend.

Hellenic Herb Blend (Salt Free)

“Greek cooking has always been known for its wonderful use of herbs. Spanakopitas, Keftedes and other traditional Greek dishes can now be prepared in your home with complete success using this balanced combination of herbs and spices.”


Onion, Garlic, Herbs and Spices (Basil, Dill, Greek Oregano, Parsley, Black Pepper and others).

Net Weight: 2 oz. (56 g)

Athenian Garden Spice

“Originally developed as a seasoning for vegetable soup, this blend livens any vegetable recipe and adds delightful flavor to baked fish and chicken.”


Salt, Onion, Herbs and Spices (Allspice, Basil, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Fennel, Savory, Sumac, Thyme, White and Black Pepper and others), Garlic, Cornstarch, Citric, Sugar, Calcium Phosphate (prevents caking).

Net Weight: 2.75 oz. (77 g)

Randa’s Spice

“This blend was created by Mary Karadsheh to simplify a recipe for fried chicken that her 10 year old daughter, Randa, loved to prepare. It is used in many dishes in combination with other SPICE BAZAAR BLENDS to balance and round out the recipe flavors. Keep it on your table in place of the salt shaker.”


Salt, Onion, Black Pepper, Hungarian Paprika, Garlic, Citric, Sugar, Calcium Phosphate (prevents caking).

Net Weight: 3.75 oz. (105 g)

Greek Salad Dressing Blend

“This blend bursts with flavor and perks up even the simplest dish. Easily whip up dressing for Greek Salad or your favorite greens. Also use it to prepare delicious Greek Marinade and Greek Home-baked Potatoes.”


Salt, Garlic, Herbs and Spices (Basil, Greek Oregano, Black Pepper and others), Onion, Lemon Juice Powder, Citric, Gum Tragacanth (emulsifier), Calcium Phosphate (prevents caking).

Net Weight: 2.9 oz. (81 g)

Spice Bazaar Cookbook - Spiral Bound

An adventure in fine cuisine from the Middle East, Greece and around the world

Publication data: Phoenix, AZ: Karadsheh’s Spice Bazaar, Inc., 2007
Format: softcover
Number of pages: 198
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.6 cm × 15.0 cm × 2.0 cm
ISBN: 978‒1‒4276‒4119‒9
Second Edition

Mary Ajalat Karadsheh

“In 1978, my husband, Shafik, and I bought the Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli in Phoenix, Arizona. Our goal was to change a simple Arabic bread bakery into a busy, vibrant food emporium. As I expanded the deli menu with many new dishes, I was faced with the challenge of how to maintain consistency of flavors. I found that by developing a unique spice blend for each recipe, there was little chance for error in the preparation of the dishes. As our deli’s reputation for flavorful and unique foods grew, the demand for my recipes and spices also grew. By bottling my spice blands, I was able to share my trade secrets with my customers. Thus, SPICE BAZAAR was born.”