Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas: A Family Devotional in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition - Christian Life - Book

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by Amanda Eve Wigglesworth

With hymns, stories, meditations, and activities for each day as well as suggestions for the whole season, Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas provides an invaluable resource for families looking to restore the season of Christmas to its rightful place in their lives.

About the Author: AmandaEve Wigglesworth has been involved in ministry with children and youth for nineteen years. AmandaEve and her husband, Deacon Kevin, are members of St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox parish in Calgary, Alberta. She is a member of St. Peter's Camp board, where she is affectionately knows as Pegesus and can very occasionally be heard singing funky rap because a clever camper caught her putting her elbows on the table.

Paperback: 48 pages