Charcoal Master Charcoal 40mm (~1.57 inches) - 1 Box - 100 count

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New Quick Light Charcoal 40mm (~1.57 inches) by Charcoal Master - 1 Box

  • NATURAL COAL: Our coal briquettes are made with 100% natural fruit tree wood. The charcoal tablets are odorless and flavorless, which allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of your incense.
  • LARGE PACK: The set includes 10 rolls with 10 capsules each. The quick light charcoal has a 40 mm diameter. They are great for incense burning, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the experience.
  • SMOOTH FLAME: Our incense charcoal disks have a constant and smooth flame. They can be lit quickly and effortlessly using only a match or lighter. A single quick light charcoal briquette can burn for up to 45 minutes.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These charcoal disks are great for burning incense.  They are durable and don’t contain chemicals or toxins.
  • 1 Box 
  • Nitrate free, 100 % natural, does not crack