Hieratikon Vol II: Altar Size - Analogion Edition - Service Book Orthodox Christian Book

Hieratikon Vol II: Altar Size - Analogion Edition - Service Book

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Size: 7.5x12
Pages: 360 Hardback

“I was ordained in 1975 and have waited many decades for most of the textual changes in the new Hieratikon. May we always strive to say what we mean and mean what we say in our worship.” —Archpriest Stephan Meholick St. Nicholas’s Church, San Anselmo, California

Identical in content to the smaller pocket-sized edition, the Hieratikon II: Analogion Edition contains the full texts of the Divine Liturgies of Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Basil the Great, and the Presanctified Gifts. Also included in the analogion edition are several introductions and appendices: hierarchical, vesperal, and paschal Liturgies, hymns of the liturgical year, various blessings, and more. The 1967 text carefully compared to the original Greek and Slavonic, and revised in consultation with the Holy Synod and Department of Liturgical Music and Translations.

The Hieratikon (also spelled Ieratikon, also known as the Hierotelestikon and the Liturgikon; Slavonic: Sluzhebnik), the "book of the priest," is the Book of Rites of the Orthodox Church that contains the priest's prayers for various services.