Ascetic of Love Mother Gavrilia - Lives of Saints and righteous ones - book

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Good News! The Patriarch of Constantinople has resolved on October 3, 2023, to canonize Mother Gavrilia.

Please note this limited print run of new books have some minor rough page edges, and a small ding or two on some of the covers, caused by the printing process. Also a few black smudges on small areas of the outer pages due to rubbing of the covers against the outer pages during shipping. But they are newly printed books with no writing, underlining or highlighting inside. Nice and clean pages. A wonderful, reprinted book now available just in time for the canonization.

The Ascetic of Love, Mother Gavrilia. 10th February 1897 - 20th March 1992. By Nun Gavrilia. Translated by Helen Anthony. 

Paperback 398 pages. 

It is the story of a contemporary nun (1897-1992) who found her calling among the needy in Thessaloniki, Athens, England, India and other countries. Characterized by a quick and lively wit and an eagerness to help others, Mother Gavrilia had a remarkable gift for understanding those who came to her for guidance. The part of the book is a biography. Following this, the second half of the book is a revelation of Mother Gavrilia's wisdom revealed in a question-answer style. Her words, lifted from tapes, recordings and of course, her writings (she was literate in five languages!) offer enlightenment, encouragement and serenity. We promise you will come away from the reading feeling better about yourself and inspired to respond to the needs of others. Review by Elenie D. Basil