Apostle to Zaire The Life and Legacy of Blessed Father Cosmas of Grigoriou - 2 Books Multiple book discounts- Missionary book study

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  • 2nd edition
  • Preface by Archimandrite George Abbot of Grigoriou Monastery
  • 65 photos
  • First published: December 2001
  • Length (softcover): 224 pages
  • Size (softcover): 6 x 9 inches
  • ISBN (softcover): 978-1-63941-010-1

In every generation there are those few exceptional souls who rise out of the conventionality of social life to become pathfinders to the catholicity and otherworldliness of Christianity. Heroic and uncompromising, they imitate Abraham and become exiles and martyrs for Christ, following Him with loving exactness and mountain-moving faith. They “hate their life in this world” in order to keep it - and that of their neighbor’s - for eternity; and to successive generations they become models to imitate, witnessing, long after their departure, to the honor the Father bestows on those who serve Him. Such a one was Blessed Father Cosmas of Grigoriou, enlightener of Zaire.

The book is divided into two parts: In part one, we encounter the life, last days, letters and the writings of an Athonite ascetic, a modern model of mission, an apostle to the heart of Africa and an upholder, defender and conveyer of the life-giving Tradition. In part two, we read accounts of miracles and the battle with magic, interventions of the Saints and conversions of sinners, missionary adventures and baptismal testimonies. A unique biography of a contemporary missionary and holy monk of Mount Athos and a practical introduction to contemporary Orthodox Missiology.