HOUSE OF GOD - Childrens Book Orthodox Christian Book

HOUSE OF GOD - Childrens Book

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by Vyacheslav Marchenko

“My dear brothers and beloved sisters, look at the dome of the church with its bright cross shining under the sun. What splendid, glorious light! But these are only the visible rays of that wonderful unseen beauty that exists in the House of God. “The Lord hath prepared His throne in heaven, and His kingdom embraces all.”

Could there be any better striving, any better path for us than the path to God? Let us hasten then to the House of God, that we may join the saints and the angels in the kingdom of purity and love, the kingdom of grace, the Kingdom of triumphant Holy Orthodoxy.”

Warm and inspiring explanations of different parts of the church and altar and what happens there, as well as descriptions of the Orthodox cross, cemetery, bells, priests’ vestments, icons, lampadas and candles, with suggestions for children on how to pray in church. Simple, yet substantial.

For ages 4-10.  30 pages, Large format, softcover. Full color illustrations throughout.