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18 Piece Real Life Nativity Crèche (7 Inch)
with Lighted Stable
Heirloom Quality

18 Piece Real Life Nativity Crèche (7 Inch) with Lighted Stable Heirloom Quality
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This 18 piece Nativity set comes complete with Lighted Stable and real lifelike Nativity figures (no taller than 7 inches (hence 7 Inch Set) & separate chests filled with real 23k gold and pure, authentic frankincense & myrrh from the same regions as the gifts brought 2000 years ago. The figures with their intricate detail and dramatic, life-like faces that capture the Christmas story; make this Nativity Crèche a remarkable value as an heirloom quality set. The baby Jesus can either rest in the manger or be held in Mary’s arms. Balthazar, the tallest of the kings, measures 7 inches as does the angel. The Christmas star stands 9 ½ inches tall. Made of intricately hand painted polymer resin.

The Real Life Nativity Crèche Set includes:

Lighted Stable

The stable is designed to capture the reality of the humble stable where Jesus was born. The stable depicts stone and stucco walls, weathered log beams and posts and a humble, palm thatched roof. The hay strewn floor and trough imagines the very stable behind the inn on that first Christmas. Included in the stable is a light that shines down on the manger below.

Size: 15 inches wide x 9 ⅝ inches high x 4 ¼ inches deep.
Polymer resin. Batteries included.

The Holy Family (Four Pieces)

The realism of Joseph’s loving expression and the angelic serenity of Mary as she cradles the newborn Jesus bring the reality and beauty of Christmas to life. Jesus can also lie swaddled in the manger.

Kings Following the Star (Seven Pieces)

These richly colored figures of Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar bring the Three Kings to life like never before. The figures are regally adorned in bright colors and dramatic detail. Designed to stand apart from a nativity set, these figures show the Magi as they gaze towards the Christmas Star on their journey to Bethlehem.

Each of the life-like figures carries a chest that opens to reveal the Original Gifts of Christmas. The standing figure of Melchior holds a chest filled with real 23k gold floating inside a glass vial. The kneeling Caspar’s chest opens to reveal authentic Arabian myrrh and the standard bearing figure of Balthazar holds a chest filled with the finest and purest frankincense available from the same regain — the Dofar region of Oman known as Sheba in Biblical times — as the frankincense said to be given by the kings. The Christmas star rises from a gold & silver base on a rod dotted with flecks of stars.

Shepherds & Angel (Three Pieces)

Humble shepherds cloaked in simple robes are depicted with the Angel of the Lord. The angel, with spectacular wings and outstretched hands, delivers the Good News to the first on earth to learn Christ’s birth. The frightened shepherds gather their flock as they revere the heavenly host. The scene comes to life painstaking, hand-painted detail and life-like design.

Set of 4 animals (Four Pieces)

A donkey and ox attentively pay homage as smiling, brightly adorned camels approach. These intricately detailed animals complete the Real Life Nativity Crèche with Lighted Stable.

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