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Three Treatises on the Divine Images
by St. John of Damascus
translated by Andrew Louth

Three Treatises on the Divine Images by St. John of Damascus  translated by Andrew Louth
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St. John of Damascus wrote these treatises Against Those Who Attack the Divine Images in response to the iconoclasic heresy of the eighth century, which violently rejected Christian venerations of images. He reminds us that the use of images is a necessary safeguard of the doctrine of the Incarnation of Christ.

“Is all Christian art fundamentally blasphemous? That was the question posed aggressively by the Christian iconoclasts of the eighth century in a bitter controversy. The resounding answer, “No” from John of Damascus helped to secure the future of art in the service of Christ. Without his brilliant defense, both profound and at times earthly, we might well have had no icons, murals, and mosaics in churches to elevate and enrich our spirits. This fresh and complete translation, by a distinguished patristic scholar, of John's three treatises on the divine images shows us the issues at stake both then and now. Professor Louth places all of us who care about them in his debt.” — Lionel Wickham, former Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity of Cambridge

Andrew Louth is Professor of Patristics and Byzantine Studies at the University of Durham and the preeminent scholar on St John of Damascus.

Three Treatises on the Divine Images is part of the POPULAR PATRISTIC SERIES.
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  • Publisher: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press (October 2003)
  • ISBN-10: 0881412457
  • ISBN-13: 9780881412451
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 163 pages
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