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A Devout Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer and Three Lessons of the Orthodox Faith
by St. Nicholai Velimirovic

A Devout Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer and Three Lessons of the Orthodox Faith by St. Nicholai Velimirovic
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These little, so to speak, booklets of St. Nicholai, Bishop of Zica, are not the average writings of just any educated theologian. They may be small in format, but they are great in subject matter; for they speak about the fundamental basics of Christian faith and life, the relationship between man and his neighbor.

Though they speak on the most profound mysteries of God and man, they are written in such a style that they are easily understood by both the educated and the uneducated; thus they are of value to people of all age groups. This comes from the fact that they were written with both heart and mind, or, perhaps it is better to say, they were written with the whole being of the writer, based on his personal experiences; experiences which are verified and confirmed by the grace-enhanced wisdom of the Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church. This establishes an extraordinary validity and assurance that all these themes, on which Bishop Nicholai writes, are like an extensive poem written in prosed, or a special liturgical poem, as testified to in the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father."

We live in a time, an epoch, and a civilization engulfed in a dramatic crisis of human identity. In this age, values are being substituted, and the formation of the consumer character is taking place which leads one into a life based predominantly on self-centered interests. Man has become accustomed to view himself as a slave—as one thrown into this world, and then discarded. This is why Bishop Nicholai, through his short but concise essays, sends word to us and says: Let us not weaken in spirit, for a man who lives in faith, hope and love, lives in the Lord's embrace, along with all the saints and angels; the Lord's embrace is our sea of security.

May the splendid messages of Bishop Nicholai, speak for themselves to the readers; and more importantly, may the readers, through Bishop Nicholai's wise words, grow unto salvation and not be led into temptation but rather maintain the hope that God will "deliver us from the evil one." — Bishop Jovan, from the foreword

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  • Publisher: St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery; 1st edition (2001)
  • ASIN: B000DT7RLI
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 88 pages
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