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The Mystery of the Church
by William Bush

The Mystery of the Church by William Bush
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Have you been disheartened by the many recent controversies in the Orthodox Church? Do you wonder how we Orthodox can be “The Church of the Ages” while being divided between “ethnic” jurisdictions, let alone factions labeled “fundamentalist” or “modern”, “Old Calendar” or “Ecumenist”? Does your faith need to be rejuvinated? If so, we have good news for you.

The Mystery of the Church, is Professor William Bush’s long awaited, remarkable book on Orthodoxy, our church’s history and the true spiritual meaning of being Orthodox.

The Mystery of the Church explains in the lyrical prose of a truly inspired writer why and how the Church remains the Church in spite of Her apparent divisions.

The Mystery of the Church will renew your faith as you read of the glorious manner in which the Church has been led by the Holy Spirit for two thousand years.

This is the book for you if you want to understand the heart of Orthodox mystery, liturgy, history, sainthood, struggle, suffering and prayer.

Softbound. 168 pp.

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