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Notes From The Underground, The Double

Notes From The Underground, The Double
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Translated by Jessie Coulson. "Notes from the Underground" (1864) is a study of a single character, "the real man of the Russian majority", and a revelation of Dostoyevsky's own deepest beliefs. One of his best critics has said of the first part that it forms his "most utterly naked pages. . .Never afterwards was he so fully and openly to reveal the inmost recesses, unmeant for display, of his heart." "The Double (1864) is the nightmarish story of Mr. Golyadkin, a man who is haunted or possessed by his own double. Is "Mr Golyadkin junior" really a double or simply a fearful side of his own nature? This uncertainty is what gives urgency and horror to a tale which may be read as a classic study of human breakdown. Softbound. 287 pp.
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