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The Royal Way of the Cross Leading to Eternal Life
by Optina Monastery

The Royal Way of the Cross Leading to Eternal Life by Optina Monastery
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Under the supervision of Elder Saint Ambrose, Optina Monastery continued the publishing efforts started by the Elder Saint Macarius. They produced and reintroduced timeless spiritual works which evoked a nationwide blossoming of sanctity in Russia.

Among the works produced then is the present volume now in the English language. This work was originally presented to Orthodox Russia by Saint John of Tobolsk, ancestor of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, in 1709, which became very well known and beloved throughout Russia. Because of the obscurity of the original language (part-Slavonic, part-Ukranian) many requested a translation into Russian.

This was undertaken by Fr. Clement Sederholm, one of Elder Ambrose's closest disciples and author of many of the biographies of the Optina Elders.

By the vehicle of a conversation to define and explore the profound meaning of "bearing one's cross for Christ's sake." An Angel of God speaks to a young woman, Stavrophila. He guides her to an understanding and acceptance of the Christian struggle to bear the sorrows and difficulties of life as a necessary means to purify the whole person—heart, mind, will and body.

The Royal Way of the Cross Leading to Eternal Life represents a culmination of Christian teaching on “bearing one's cross”; i.e. sufferings or misfortunes. It is a very powerful work, full of hope and consolation for those who are confused by life's struggles.Abundant in references from Holy Scripture and Patristic writings, this work presents the culmination of the Christian teaching on "bearing one's cross".

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  • Publisher: Monastery Press (2002)
  • ISBN-10: 0968634834
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 235 pages
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