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Mother of God of Vladimir (Detail)
Orthodox Icon

Mother of God of Vladimir (Detail) Orthodox Icon
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According to Leonid Ouspensky in The Meaning of Icons

"One of the most ancient versions of the image of Lovingkindness is the famous Byzantine icon of the Vladimir Mother of God . . . According to tradition the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God was painted by the holy Evangelist Luke during the Mother of God's lifetime. Seeing the icon brought to Her, She repeated her prophecy: 'All generations shall call me blessed' (Luke I, 48), and looking at it said with authority: 'with this image is My grace and power'. According to the annals this icon, brought to Kiev from Constantinople and now in the Tretiakov Gallery, has been in Russia since 1155. . . Throughout the centuries this icon gives its protection to the Russian people and is venerated as the greatest holy treasure of the nation. The volunteer army which delivered Moscow from the Poles in 1612 fought at the same time also for the Vladimir icon: 'It is better for us to die than to deliver the image fo the immaculate Mother of God of Vladimir to desecration.'

The distinctive feature of the Vladimir icon of the Other of God is the posture of Herself and the Child Whom She holds in Her right arm, bending Her head towards Him. . . Her stern and concentrated face, turned towards the caressing Son, is inwardly turned not to the human Child but to the maker of the world born of Her. As 'the warm Intercessor before God' and the 'strong Protector of the world' She bends towards the Child, seeking from Him mercy for those who come to Him and covering them by Her intercession."

This is a high quality mounted print reproduction of the original Vladimir icon, in detail focused on the face of Mother and Child.

Size: 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"
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