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New Valaam at Monk's Lagoon: On St. Herman's Spruce Island, Alaska

New Valaam at Monk's Lagoon: On St. Herman's Spruce Island, Alaska
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At Monks’ Lagoon, on East Spruce Island,
Washed by the ever-changing tides and swells
God-chosen monks give vows of silence
While angels sing and ring celestial bells.…

The waters splash unceasingly against the rocky shores of the holy isle … and in the beauty and solemnity of nature monks seek to fulfill with determination the monastic longing of the soul’s ascent into the wide expanse of God, their Creator.…

This book contains the two-hundred-year history of Orthodox monasticism in Alaska. Into this virginal forestland was deposited profound monastic wisdom brought from ancient Valaam Monastery in Russia.

I cross myself and enter in;
Beneath the woven limbs,
Between the mossy pillar-trunks,
The daylight quickly dims.
The tender gloaming holds the heart
In chastened joy and fear;
The soft ground welcomes pilgrim feet
That walk on tiptoe here.…

Also included are poetical inspirations and photographs which inspire in the reader a yearning to enter into intimate communion with God and His creation. Beholding the azure realm where heaven and earth meet in Alaska’s own “Northern Thebaid,” one will seek to find that same realm in one’s own heart—For, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you (cf. Luke 17:21).

Softbound. 176 pp.

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