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Door to Paradise: Jesus Christ in Ancient Orthodoxy
written by the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood

Door to Paradise: Jesus Christ in Ancient Orthodoxy written by the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
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An inspiring and easy-to-follow introduction to the Orthodox Church, artistically designed with pictures on every page. With its beautiful full-color cover, this large-format booklet makes an excellent missionary tool to give to friends and relatives, and even to people on the street who would want to discover the fullness of the ancient Christian faith.

I am the door’, said Christ. ‘By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved’. Christ is the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven, which we can find within us even during this life and which continues for eternity. But how do we find that Door amidst thousands of different sects and philosophies, all of which present a different image of Christ? If we look into the history of the Church He founded, we find one unbroken line in which His image has been kept pure and undistorted. That line is ancient Orthodoxy, the measuring stick of true Christianity…

This Church extends from the saints in Heaven down to the believers here on earth in order to raise us from earth to the heights of Heaven… The true essence of the Church must be sought in Her spiritual life, which takes place in the heart; for it is within the heart that Christ reveals Himself”

Through the Sacraments, the Scriptures, the spiritual discipline and the ascetic teachings of the Orthodox Church, you will find the Door to Paradise. And then, in your own heart, your own inward being, you will find Paradise itself. You will find what true prayer is, and you will find Him Who has been calling you all your life: Christ, the Bridegroom of your soul.

—excerpts from Door to Paradise

Softbound. 20 pp.

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