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What Earthly Joy (CD)
Chanters of St. Lawrence Orthodox Church

What Earthly Joy (CD) Chanters of St. Lawrence Orthodox Church
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The hymns on this CD are sung in various Russian chant forms (Znammeny, Valaam, Carpatho-Russian, etc.) by an all male choir, but almost as many are sung in either Byzantine chant or related chant forms. It is a terrific cross section of the Eastern Orthodox chant expression in English that is happening in many parishes today. The hymn selection is both festal and is principally from the Lenten-Paschal cycle. Liner insert includes the entire text in English.

Track Listing

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1. Dormition Doxastikon - 8 Tones (Znamenny Chant)  
2. Dormition, Post Feast Stichera - Tone 5  
3. Dormition, Post Feast Aposticha - Tone 2  
4. Pure Virgin Lady / Agni Partheni - Tone 5 (Byzantine Chant) MP3
5. Beneath Your Compassion (Kiev Caves Monastery Chant)  
6. What Earthly Joy Remains - Tone 1 (Bulgarian) MP3
7. Now The Powers - Tone 6 (Byzantine Chant)  
8. God Is The Lord - Tone 6 (Byzantine Chant)  
9. Resurrectional Troparion and Theotokion - Tone 6 (Byzantine Chant)  
10. Polyeleos; Psalm 134 (135) MP3
11. By The Waters of Babylon (Znammeny Chant) MP3
12. Blessed Are You, O Lord / Evlogitaria - Tone 5 (Byzantine Chant)  
13. Jerusalem Troparion - Tone 5 (Byzantine Chant)  
14.From My Youth / Hymn of Ascent - Tone 4 (Valaam Chant)  
15. The Resurrection Hymn - Tone 6 (Byzantine Chant)  
16. Psalm 50 (51)  
17. Open To Me The Gates of Repentance (Russian Choral Arrangement)  
18. Holy Friday, Antiphon 15 - Tone 6 (Byzantine Chant)  
19. Holy Friday, Joseph of Arimathea - Tone 2
20. Joseph Together with Nicodemus - Tone 5 (Pskov Melody)
21. Sunday Exapostilarion and Theotokion - Tone 2 (Byzantine Chant)  
22. You Rose From the Tomb on the Third Day - Tone 6  
23. The Great Doxology - Tone 8 (Byzantine Chant)  
24. Sunday Troparion After The Great Doxology - Tone 8 (Byzantine Chant)  
25.In the Flesh / Paschal Exapostilarion (Carpatho-Russian Motif)  
26. Third Sunday of Pascha, Hearken, O Women - Tone 1 (Znamenny Chant)
27. Let God Arise / Paschal Praises - Tone 5 (Grand Znamenny)  
28. Christ Is Risen / Paschal Troparion (Grand Zanmenny)  
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